Funky, lighthearted minimal from Sydney via Barcelona.

Sydney label Addition By Subtraction aims to increase the profile of homegrown producers by pairing Australians with better-known producers on split EPs. And if you couldn’t tell by the name, they lean more into the minimal end of things. Their sixth 12-inch brings together Barcelona-based Sydneysider Nate S.U. with Frenchman Occibel, and true to their mission, the former really sparkles on this EP, with an approach that feels lighthearted and fun, but still loaded with slinky low-end groove.

For a track you might call “minimal,” “Eastern Turbo” sure is loaded with sounds. It starts off with a slight hip-hop bent, featuring plenty of chopped-up vocals and goofy vinyl scratches, but the licks of synth and organ that seem to come from all angles grounds it in a Limousine Dream style that makes it completely addictive. Morphing, shifting and absolutely loaded with cowbell, “Eastern Turbo” and Addition By Subtraction more widely show that Australia can keep up with the Berliners.

Words from RA