We probably don’t need to tell you who Deadbeat is. (He even did a previous RA Podcast for us, all the way back in 2007.) But if you need a refresher, he’s one of the most important and revered artists in dub techno. The Canadian artist came up in the Montreal scene alongside other trailblazers like Akufen and other Canadians (think Cobblestone Jazz, Mathew Jonson, Wagon Repair, etc). His early records for ~scape are some of the most classic and influential minimal there ever was, but dub is always at the heart of his work, and runs in the veins of BLKRTZ, the prolific label he runs himself. Sa Pa, on the other hand, sits somewhere in the ambient zone. Originally from Adelaide, he’s found a powerful creative sparring partner in Deadbeat. The two released their first album together, The Mountain, earlier this year. It’s the 50th release on BLKRTZ and maybe one of the most monumental records in either artist’s catalogue, a triple-LP that harks back to the hypnotic, plink-plonk days of yore with the strong cross-genre underpinning that marks Deadbeat’s work these days, and plenty of lovely atmospheric wiggles. The duo’s lengthy RA Podcast, taken from two different recordings at their Absurd Dub Lustre party in Berlin, mirrors the LP’s sound, weaving through tracks new and old. It’s full of warm, dubby vibrations and smooth transitions.

What are you grateful for these days?
While it may seem cliché, we are grateful for the undying friends and family support that we have always been given and it’s simple manifestations. The smiling faces, the open ears, the bear hugs, the cheek kisses, the fist bumps and the communal enjoyment of all this lovely business.

How and where was the mix recorded? And can you tell us the idea behind it?
The mix is an amalgam of two separate sets from our most recent night at Hoppetosse. We played for three hours at the beginning and three hours at the end. We picked a chunk out of each set and used a track from one of our mutually favorite artists Civic Grace, the queen of elegance in all ways, as a cross fade between the two.

How far back does your musical partnership with each other go, and what do you each bring to the table?
We met with a wink and a smile at a summertime festival some years ago, and before we knew it, we were barking at each other like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show, like we’d been doing so for years. Creative partnerships in our little industry are often so fleeting. When you find someone who makes you laugh so much, and gives you such peace when all goes south, you realize two heads are better than one.

Tell us about Absurd Dub Lustre: what it is, why it started?
Absurd Dub Lustre is a subsidiary of the ambient night Absurd Lustre which Sa Pa began solo in 2019 at Arkaoda, The good folks at Hoppetosse have given us a platform to stretch our legs and put some roughneck beats and bass underneath our usual dub ambient rhythmic undulations, and we have had some massively rewarding times as a result, and are looking forward to a great many more.

What’s one social or political cause you want the world to pay more attention to?
Sa Pa is an arch-Utopian, though an intrinsic questioner of where the boundaries of such ideas sit. As with all good partnerships, the good cop needs the bad cop on occasion, and by nature I am much more of the Molotov wielding persuasion. In the end with all causes for worry or concern, and there are currently no shortage of them, we believe love saves the day, and shall prevail.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?
More love. More truth. More happiness.

Deadbeat and Om Unit – Root  [Midnight Shift]
Aktas – Stones (Deadbeat’s Small Ston Dub)  [Hidden Vibes]
Frenk Dublin – Cosmic Conquerer [Dub Communication]
Frenk Dublin – Dischord [Dub Communication]
Frenk Dublin – Deepchord [Dub Communication]
S.A.M – Storm Refuge [Oscillat Music]
Adam Asnan – Batch 0004-2 B1 [SM-LL]
Sa Pa – New Music New Dance [Rosa]
Pokk! – FLFLP [SonuoS]
Mike Cooper – Bangkok Early Morning Hum [Unreleased]
Dilated Pupils – One Suit To Close [Makesense]
Dr. Nojoke – Amagela [Ukiyo Music]
Rod Modell – Avionics [Echochord]
SIT – Diatonic [Sushitech Records]
Masomenos – BaBampeleChangaBeats [Welcome To Masomenos]
Masomenos with dOP – Ticket To Ride [Welcome To Masomenos]
Masomenos – Moonrise [Welcome To Masomenos]
MMM – Where To Go [MMM]
Och – Prince Agoo [Systematic Recordings]
Jay Bliss – Voynich Manuscript [Stomping Grounds]
Annea Lockwood – Dusk [Recital]
Civic Grace – Unreleased [Unreleased]
Idealist – City of Dreams  [Mojuba]
Roland King – Flashbacks From The M1 (The Ferox Treatment) [S Y N T H]
DD2 – Scattered Blue  [The Final Experiment]
Malin Genie – Drek [Malin Genie Music]
Deadbeat – ID2  [BLKRTZ]
Silverlining (Shanghai) – Chineke Ibu Eze Mu Oo [Machine Soul Records]
Sascha Rydell – Cette Nuit [Fachwerk]
MMM – No Thought [MMM]
Soultek – Space Groove [Iron Box Music]
Robotman – Do Da Doo  [Definitive]
Ramadanman – Work Them  [Swamp 81]
Audio Werner – High [Hartchef Discos]
Okain – Voyager 1 [Talman Records]
Delano Smith – One Day [Sushitech Records]
Gintas K – Under My Skin [Crónica]
Deepchord – dc12 A1 – Untitled (remastered) [echospace [detroit]

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